Backbeat favourites


We’re all about keeping things fresh over at Backbeat, so today we’re spending the day pricing loads more secondhand books for the shelves. This is such a great haul – the picture is just a tiny sample – but some standouts include Backbeat favourites:

  • David Sedaris – always hilarious, never read a book of his I don’t love
  • Lena Dunham – love her or hate her, she clearly falls into our good books over here (so to speak)
  • Sophia Amoruso – girl power all the way
  • Garth Risk Hallberg – City on Fire definitely makes it into my list of top-ten favourite books I’ve read this year. Amazing debut novel.
  • Backbeat customer favourite authors Chuck Palahniuk, Ernest Cline, Stephen Chbosky and Dave Eggers
  • Kurt Vonnegut – hard to come by; this one won’t last long
  • Chuck Norris – because Chuck Norris.

You’ll definitely want to come by and see what else we’re putting out! You can always rely on us for great prices and diverse selection.

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