Backbeat Stocking Stuffer Guide 2016

Still have some stockings to fill? We have tons of great options that are all are under $10 and actually fit in a stocking! Saddle up the reindeer and get your sleigh on down here…

cyndi-lauper-cards$2.45: Cyndi Lauper original issue trading cards with stickers and bubble gum (don’t eat the gum – it’s from 1985!)

swag-stickers$4.95: sticker packs (kid-friendly and adult packages)

swag-buttons$1.50 each or $5.00 for four: buttons (naughty and nice)

backbeat-shirt$9.95: Backbeat t-shirts (available in kids through adult sizes)

cassettes$2.95: Maxell cassettes to make that special someone a mix tape. (Don’t have time? We have a ton of secondhand cassettes starting at 25 cents!)

band-playing-cards$6.95: Playing cards to keep you busy through the holidays (AC/DC, Kiss, Grateful Dead and Genesis)

45rpm-adapter95 cents: 45 adaptors (in a wide range of colours – our favourite is glow-in-the-dark)

twig-pencil-crayons$8.95: Twig pencil crayons (pair them with a colouring book which are on sale at 50% off and are all almost under $10)

little-new-booksUnder $10: NEW books that will fit in a stocking! $9.60: You Better Not Cry by Augusten Burroughs (on sale); $8.99: Mr. Humblebrag by Dan Zevin; $6.99: Book of Secrets

journals$9.95: Small soft or hard-cover journals by ecojot

ecojot-notepads$4.95: Small spiral-bound notepads by ecojot

surprise-packs$4.95: a single surprise fiction or classic paperback or $9.95 for a surprise three-pack (wrapped and ready to go – just fill in the To:/From: sections and you’re good to go!)