Thank You!

Well, I guess yesterday answers the question “How many people can fit in Backbeat?”

A huge THANK YOU to all our amazing customers that came out to celebrate Record Store Day with us! We have never seen the shop as packed as it was. We appreciate your patience as you all waited to check out the exclusive releases we had available and then to hang out in line to buy them. It was pretty cramped in here, lots of people even came back again later in the day to navigate the shop a little more easily and pick up some more music.

We hope you were able to get the Record Store Day releases you were on the hunt for. We had a couple lucky customers that found the two (out of 25 in Canada) autographed Sheepdogs albums we had sitting in the crates of exclusive releases.

Of course another huge THANK YOU goes out to Perth Brewery for doing an amazing event here for our customers. Also, THANK YOU to Perth Pie Co. and FieldHouse for setting up our customers with some deals at their great establishments.
Perth Pie Co. kept us going by bringing over some coffees in the afternoon and a big THANK YOU to a couple of our great customers that even brought us some treats that helped boost our energy!

We hope you had a great time, we sure did!


Christine, Dan and Tenzin