Contains graphic scenes


I never used to be into graphic novels. For some reason I just didn’t think they were my thing. I thought of them as comic books but once I opened my mind and gave them a chance, I’ve gained a whole new perspective. Now, I like to think of graphic novels as palate cleansers. You know when you finish a book and it leaves you feeling as though you just tumbled off of a roller coaster and you can’t think of a book that could possibly follow it? You need a breather but you still want to read a book? Try a graphic novel. It shifts your perspective with its different visual format and resets your mind so you can transition back to a novel or non-fiction book. It does for me anyway. Some of my favourites (Backbeat Recommended Reads) in this genre are Persepolis, Stitches and Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? Are you fan of graphic novels? Which one(s) would you recommend?

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