Recent Vinyl Releases + Flippin Video

The new releases keep on coming, this week we are featuring the latest from Grimes, Stone Temple Pilots and Sarah Harmer. We’ve also received more copies of the new Tame Impala, only the standard black is available so that’s what we’ve brought in. The Indie Store version is completely sold out, but we are hoping to get a few more of the Limited Green vinyl, no ETA on that though.

On to our featured new releases!

Stone Temple Pilots – Perdida

Stone Temple Pilots embark upon a new sonic adventure with PERDIDA, the band’s first-ever acoustic album. It features 10 deeply personal songs that weave introspective lyrics together with unexpected instruments to take listeners on an emotional and musical journey through letting go and starting over.


Sarah Harmer – Are You Gone

Multi-award-winning, platinum-selling singer-songwriter and environmental activist Sarah Harmer has released “Are You Gone” her first album in a decade. A deeply personal and political collection of songs motivated by the beauty of life, the urgency of the climate crisis, and the question of loss, Sarah called the album a spiritual successor of sorts to her acclaimed 2000 debut, ‘You Were Here,’ which made many year-end critics’ lists, and which TIME called the year’s best debut album. With its simple title, ‘Are You Gone,’ is a meditation on the idea of presence, a sharpened, more electric confrontation with the realities of nature and human nature.

The result of an unshakeable inclination to make music in conflict with a lifestyle more attuned to privacy, quiet, and activism, Sarah wrote ‘Are You Gone’ gradually over the last decade as she traded music for grassroots organizing as her “day job.” Between co-founding the citizen’s organization PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land) and leading the coalition’s successful efforts to prevent a quarry from being built on the Niagara Escarpment, she became a fixture in local politics and advocacy, while keeping her musical chops up by writing and playing casually with friends. Finally, in 2019, while pondering the “ghosts” of loss, capitalism’s gluttony and music’s potential as a public platform, Sarah finished recording ‘Are You Gone,’ her most sophisticated record to date.

Encompassing a stylistic range from barebones folk to layered indie rock, lead track “New Low” captures the prescient energy of the album – a rollicking, empowering electric guitar-laced call-for-uprising in the face of global disasters. Album opener “St. Peter’s Bay” blends melancholic vocals and smooth atmospherics to effectively conjure the feeling and image of standing at dusk overlooking an endless sea, while “Take Me Out” is a modern, punchy alt-rock take on the near impossibility of letting go. “What I Was to You” is a tribute to her lifelong friend Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, and psychedelic-tinged piano ballad “The Lookout” tackles the angst of love-across-timezones. Penultimate track “Shoemaker,” about Sarah discovering an old book and census of her great great Glaswegian grandfather, calls to mind the gently ominous, slowly shifting chords of Sparklehorse before transforming into a gorgeous, almost-crescendoing show of Sarah’s vocal range. “See Her Wave” wraps the album with an acoustic goodbye written in memoriam to another friend who moved on.

Grimes – Miss Anthropocene

Grimes’ first new album since Art Angels in 2015 promises to be an artistic highlight of the 2020 release schedule. The title, Miss Anthropocene, refers to the goddess of climate change. Each track on this concept album touches on this looming global catastrophe. Grimes will unleash an animated avatar to add a visual dimension to her multimedia presentation.

Grimes’ talent as a visual artist was recognized, following the release of the Art Angels album, when she was awarded JUNOs for Video of the Year in two consecutive years. Grimes is also well-known for stunning live performances.

Flippin’ Video

We had a little battle getting this video up, fourth try and it looks like it worked! Here’s the latest “flippin’ video” featuring the most recent used / vintage vinyl to hit the bins (Friday February 21, 2020).





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