Hey Backbeaters. The time has come to adjust how we operate the store to reduce health and safety risks presented by Covid-19. Do we want to make these changes? Nope. We’re a small family operated business in a small town and Backbeat is our livelihood.
But we’ve made a plan that we will implement in phases, as necessary, based on information and directions from government and health officials. Starting now, based on current social distancing recommendations and feedback that we have received from you (our amazing customers) we will implement reduced operations.

What does that mean? Here you go:

  • Reduced hours (Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm)

  • Our door will be locked. You will need to ring the doorbell/knock to gain entry. (Think of it like a VIP club with secret door access!)

  • One customer (or family group, no greater than 5 people) in the store at a time.

  • While we normally encourage browsing, we are currently asking you to limit your time to less than 10 minutes and have a plan as to what you are purchasing ahead of your arrival. We are more than happy to answer any enquiries ahead of time via messenger/email and set aside any product(s) that we currently have in stock for you to pick up when you arrive.

  • If a customer is already in the shop when you arrive, you will need to wait outside until they have completed their purchases.

  • If you have been out of the country or feel sick, PLEASE STAY HOME.

When the time comes to completely close the store to the public we will continue to adjust and implement more changes. We hope you are all doing and feeling okay and truly appreciate your support. Please keep those special orders coming and we’ll continue to offer the best possible service we can. Now, go wash your hands.

Dan, Christine and Tenzin aka “The Boss”

If you are self-isolating or just not comfortable being out and about these days we will have another post later about how you can still support Backbeat without having to visit our shop.

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