Closed – Until Wednesday April 6 at the earliest.

Hello Backbeaters! We will be closed until Wednesday April, 6th at the earliest.

After 2 years of staying healthy, Covid has hit our household. Tenzin wasn’t feeling great last night and did test positive (twice) on a rapid test. Right now he has got a sore throat a slight temperature and is super tired.

So far we (Dan and Christine) are doing fine but since we all live in the same household we need to be cautious and self-isolate.

Based on the recommendations from the local Health Unit and wanting to keep our community safe we will have to close the store until at least Wednesday April 6th. Obviously things can change so please keep an eye out for updates here or on our Facebook page.

Of course we have to post this important message today April 1st but please know that we aren’t fooling.
We hope to be able to see you all soon and truly appreciate all your support! We have great customers!

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