A Nice Pair – Patti Smith

Sunday means it’s the time of the week when we merge the two sides of our shop and offer you related book and music pairings. Today’s A Nice Pair features perennial cool girl Patti Smith.

If we were doing classic pairings, we’d recommend her book Just Kids with her album Horses. But we’re veering towards a less common path today and recommending the album Curated by Record Store Day / Patti Smith with her book Woolgathering. The album is a new 2LP compilation of classic Patti Smith tracks from 1974 – 1996, chosen by the staff of record stores across the country. The book was originally published in 1992 but updated in 2021 with a new photographs and an afterword written during the quarantine in 2021. It’s a childhood memoir described as “glorious” (NPR), “spellbinding” (Booklist), and “shockingly beautiful” (New York Magazine).

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