A Nice Pair: Willie Nelson

It’s that time of the week again when we recommend books and music pairings in our series A Nice Pair! This week, we’re featuring everyone’s favourite braided star, funny man, smoky grandpa and country superstar, Willie Nelson. After the past few years, I think we could all use a smile and Willie’s one of those people who just naturally lights up everyone in his presence.

He has many to choose from, but today we’re pairing his album Willie Nelson Live At Budokan with one of his most recently published books, Willie Nelson’s Letters to America.

The record is an indie record store exclusive from last month’s RSD Black Friday. This performance finds Willie and The Family at the height of their powers in 1984 and includes a 27-song, hit-filled set across two LPs.

The book is a series of heartfelt letters and essays about the people he loves. It’s his most personal book so far and was written to lift us up in difficult times. After all that the past few years has brought, I think we can all agree that a little uplifting inspiration goes a long way.

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