Record Store Day 2023 – THANK YOU

It’s the day after the day the was Record Store Day 2023… where’d you all go?!

To all of our customers who came out yesterday, we want to say a huge thank you! To the people who lined up early right through to our last customer of the day, we appreciate you so much. To all of our amazing local regulars and the many new people discovering us for the first time, we hope you all had some fun digging yesterday and left with some great music in your arms.

HUGE thank you to Kevin from Calabogie Brewing Company for having a a great tasting event featuring Calabogie Brewing’s amazing beers. BIG shout out to The Spare Room Bowling Lanes for providing prizes and coupons for our great customers.

Record Store Day is a day for staff, customers and artists to come together and celebrate record stores…we definitely feel appreciated here as owners of a small town family-run indie shop and we hope you know just how much we appreciate you.

All remaining Record Store Day releases will be on our eShop around 4:30pm today.

See you soon!

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