A Nice Pair: Bob Gruen + The Runaways

Today’s Nice Pair features famed rock & roll photographer Bob Gruen and one of his many famous subjects, The Runaways.

Right Place, Right Time: The Life of a Rock & Roll Photographer is a memoir written by Bob Gruen. He’s documented bands all over the world over the past fifty years and has produced some truly iconic photographs (a must-see is his chaotic, action-packed shot of Tina Turner, one of his personal all-time favourites). One of his quotes that best sums up his work is the following: “”For me, rock ‘n’ roll is all about freedom. It’s about the freedom to express your feelings very loudly in public,” he says. “I try to capture that moment of freedom, that moment when everybody’s yelling ‘Yay!’ and nobody’s thinking about paying the rent.”

His connection to The Runaways came via his friend, Kim Fowley, who managed the band. An all-girl teenage group, they defied stereotypes with their rebellious streak and tough charged lyrics. We’re pairing Bob Gruen’s book with The Runaways’ self-titled debut album. Originally released in 1976, we currently have the reissue in stock. It features some of their hits such as You Drive Me Wild and their debut single Cherry Bomb.

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