What would you do if you were a spider who felt as though he had six too many arms?

If you are anything like Hubert, the one-of-a-kind spider who stars in Robert Mills’ new book “Hubert the Spider”, you would try just about anything to fit in.

Hubert tries all sorts of activities, which he soon discovers are really best suited to his fewer-armed peers. It’s only once he has a tete-a-tete with his friend, Hippo, that he discovers that the greatest gift he can give her is only enhanced by the very thing that makes him stand out.

This book would make a great addition to any small child’s collection. The punchy illustrations by Jake Sauer enhance the poetic text that reinforces the timeless value that everyone has a purpose in life and a unique “something” that makes us special.

Signed editions are currently available in our shop!

And just in case the musings of a 37-year-old don’t lend quite enough credence to a child’s book review, nearly-five-year-old Tenzin says…

“This book is SO funny! I love it!”


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