New music releases for Oct 15, 2013

Good day fine people. Just a few releases to mention this week. I’ve been personally looking forward to the new Cults album since it was announced. Their debut album was unique and brilliant and so far on my first listen their follow up album Static will not disapoint. Also available at Backbeat this week is new music from Willie Nelson and The Dismemberment Plan.


 Cults – Static – LP and CD
Brooklyn’s Cults kept the announcement of their sophomore set Static pretty cryptic earlier this summer, but the pop duo have now let loose the LP details in full. Including previously premiered first single “I Can Hardly Make You Mine,” the album features 11 new numbers, and is described in a press release as a “breakup album.” It should be noted that project founders Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin were romantically involved when they formed in 2010.”
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Willie Nelson – To All The Girls… – CD
The new Willie Nelson album ‘To All The Girls..’ is a collection of newly recorded duets between American musical legend Willie Nelson and a dream list of contemporary Pop-Country women singers, recorded mainly in Nashville. It features a selection of profoundly moving and heartfelt performances of classic songs from America’s Country, Pop and Gospel repertoire and more. His third full-length album of new music to be released in a mere 16 months, ‘To All The Girls..’ celebrates Willie’s 80th birthday year.

The Dismemberment Plan – Uncanney Valley – LP and CD
In 2003, if you told the members of The Dismemberment Plan that ten years later they would not only be releasing a new album, but their best record to date, there’s no way they would have believed you. Since forming in Washington, D.C. in 1993, the band has released four highly acclaimed full-lengths and become one of the most well respected—and indefinable—acts in indie rock. Uncanney Valley, their first new album in over a decade, maintains The Dismemberment Plan’s unique sound while simultaneously allowing them to open up and expand on the foundation of their celebrated back catalog.
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