Free books!

Loyalty Cards

Do you like getting things for free? (Of course you do!)

Are you part of our loyalty program for secondhand books? (If you’re not already, you should be!)

For every secondhand book you buy at Backbeat, you get a stamp – and once you’ve received ten stamps, you get to go crazy in the aisles and choose your FREE secondhand book! We have lots of great, very loyal customers and it’s our little way of saying thank you for returning to Backbeat time after time.

Getting ten stamps won’t break the bank either – you can get stamps for books priced as low as $1.95 in our children’s section – and our regular prices are always super low as well. There’s no great procedure involved – there’s nothing to fill out, we won’t ask you for your email address or your postal code or your mother’s cat’s maiden name…you just buy the books and get the stamps…easy peasy!

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