Record Store Day 2018 – The Backbeat List

– UPDATE – The Day After – APRIL 22, 2018 –

A huge thanks to our amazing customers that came out and took part in a great day here at Backbeat. We’ve updated the list to now show what we have left of the Record Store Day exclusive releases. Most we only have 1 copy of so head on in to get them while they’re still here. You will see that some items are listed as “ON ORDER” still, we are hopeful that these will arrive at a later date, perhaps by the end of the week. That said, we will NOT be updating this list again so keep an eye out for a new post here on our website or check our Facebook page to get any more updates.

– UPDATE – APRIL 20, 2018 –

Tomorrow is the big day and we just finished receiving all our deliveries from today! We’ve updated the list below to show everything that will be available tomorrow morning at 10am!
As with every year on Record Store Day some releases just can’t make it from pressing plants to record labels/bands then to suppliers and then on to the shops on time. This year there are a few notable releases that will arrive late. Eric Clapton “Complete Clapton”, Lou Reed “Animal Serenade”, Pink Floyd “Piper At The Gates of Dawn (Mono)”, Steven Wilson “How Big The Space” and The Rolling Stones “Their Satanic Majesties Request” are all casualties this year. We hope to receive stock on those albums towards the end of next week.

– UPDATE – APRIL 19, 2018 –

Record Store Day releases have started to arrive at the shop! We’ve updated the list below to show what we have received that will 100% be in stock here at Backbeat at 10am this Saturday April 21st for Record Store Day. We are receiving another couple large deliveries tomorrow and will update the list again once they’ve been processed. See you Saturday!

In one month, on April 21, 2018 it’s going to be Record Store Day! It is our busiest day of the year here at Backbeat and a day we always look forward to. You gave us a huge amount of feedback as to the exclusive releases you wanted us to try and bring in, and now we can give you our complete list of what we have ordered with our expected prices. Also, keep your eye on this list the week of Record Store Day as we will be updating it to show what has actually arrived and will for certain be available here at Backbeat, April 21st @ 10am.
Don’t see a release you were hoping to? Send us a message!

As we get closer to Record Store Day we’ll have updates on all the things we have planned this year, stay tuned!

Now the obligatory Record Store Day limited release blah blah blah part.

These releases are only available at indie record shops on April 21st and they are all very limited in the quantity pressed. Even though we have ordered them does not mean we will get them in but we’ve always had a great fill from all of our suppliers every Record Store Day and hope for the same this year. No holds, no shipping, come and get em on Record Store Day right here at Backbeat in Perth!

We’ve removed the list, because well, honestly I hit the wrong button and deleted it. Ah well it’s like way past Record Store Day anyways.




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