Addiction to fiction

It was so fun hearing from you last week – thank you so much for all of the required reading memories! I now I have an amazing array of choices for my book challenge – there’s a good chance I might just pick one of your required reads instead of mine.

Are you game for another game? Let’s find out! Authors are always told to write a compelling opening sentence. Pick up the book you’re currently reading and tell me the opening sentence. I’ll start: “You do a lot of thinking in jail.” That one certainly grabbed my attention and it hasn’t disappointed.


If you’re not currently reading anything, I’ll (stop freaking out and) let you know that we’ve just brought in a whole bunch more amazing used books, so you have no excuse! Pictured are just the fiction ones, but there are lots in all genres, so you’re spoiled for choice. Let’s grab some at random and see if any of the opening lines appeal to you:

  • “I was unconscious.”
  • “They met at the museum to end it.”
  • “The phone call informing them of Francis’s death came while Stephen was watching a Godzilla movie on TV and his sister was twirling her baton about ten feet away from him and his mother was in the kitchen making a carrot cake and his father was putzing around in the den, trying to think of something to do.”
  • “Once when no one was buying my cartoons I took a job ripping off the Tom of Finland books for an unscrupulous pirate publisher of gay eroticism.”
  • “On a sunny summer weekday afternoon, Ed rode his bike to a head shop called Piece of Mind and bought a one-hitter that looked like a realistic sculpture of a cigarette.”

Okay, now it’s your turn!

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