Latest New Releases – Mars Volta – Clutch

It’s Friday! Once again there’s a whole bunch of fresh releases to feature including the latest from Mars Volta and Clutch.
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On to the latest new releases!

The Mars Volta – The Mars Volta
Their latest album shakes loose some of The Mars Volta’s long-standing shibboleths, fearlessly defying all expectations and categorizations. Instead, The Mars Volta pulses with subtle brilliance, Caribbean rhythms underpinning sophisticated, turbulent songcraft.

Clutch – Sunrise On Slaughter Beach
Clutch crafts hyper-literate and libertine jams informed by hardcore fury and fuzzy, athletic, stoner rock. Sunrise On Slaughter Beach, the band’s thirteenth studio album – a slamming summary of everything that makes the band great and another giant leap forward into career longevity.

Pink Floyd – Animals (2018 Remix)
The iconic 1977 Pink Floyd album has been remixed for the first time by James Guthrie. Animals is a concept album, focusing on the social-political conditions of mid-1970s Britain, and was a change from the style of the band’s earlier work. The album was developed from a collection of unrelated songs into a concept which describes the apparent social and moral decay of society, likening the human condition to that of animals.

Third Eye Blind – Third Eye Blind (25th Anniversary Edition)
The album was collectively written by Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan, while production was helmed by Jenkins and Eric Valentine. Recorded in and around San Francisco at Toast Studios, Skywalker Ranch, and H.O.S., the album incorporates elements of alternative rock, post-grunge, and power pop.

NOFX – White Trash… (Anniversary Edition) (Indie Exclusive)
Anniversary edition of NOFX’s classic “White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean” pressed on ghostly sea blue & clear vinyl – exclusive Canadian pressing!

Afghan Whigs – How Do You Burn? (Indie Exclusive)
How Do You Burn?, the ninth studio album from The Afghan Whigs, finds the band in peak form, making the most vaulting and thrilling music of their lives. The album is virile, ready-for-action, and finds frontman Greg Dulli as swaggering, enigmatic and darkly charismatic as ever, and singing up a storm.

Bloodbath – Survival Of The Sickest
Survival Of The Sickest offers no respite from the horrors of reality. Instead, Bloodbath’s latest and greatest album gleefully confronts the slavering ghoul lurking in the shadows, and treats him to ten songs of ripping death metal frenzy.

Savage Master – Those Who Hunt At Night
One of the most exciting and electrifying bands in today’s occult heavy metal scene, during the first six years, Savage Master swiftly built an impressive canon of work. Now Savage Master stands taller than ever and surveys those they leave in the dust with their fourth full-length, Those Who Hunt At Night.

See you soon!