Fresh New Spins

It’s Friday! We’ve got a few highly anticipated new releases to feature today. The latest albums from The Black Keys, Khruangbin and Vampire Weekend are out!

Let’s dig in.

Khruangbin – A LA SALA (Indie Exclusive/Standard Version)
Khruangbin’s fourth studio album, A La Sala (“To the Room” in Spanish), is an exercise in returning in order to go further, and doing so on your own terms. A La Sala scales Khruangbin down to scale up, a creative strategy with the future in mind.

Black Keys, The – Ohio Players (Indie Exclusive)
Ohio Players is The Black Keys’ fourth album in five years, a momentum with a simple explanation, Auerbach says: “We never stopped recording.”
While making Ohio Players, a title inspired by the legendary Dayton, OH funk band of the same name, The Black Keys were also DJing dance parties in cities around the world that they called “record hangs,” spinning 45s from their own eclectic and growing collections.

Vampire Weekend – Only God Was Above Us (Indie Exclusive)
Only God Was Above Us is the fifth studio album from Vampire Weekend. The album is inspired by and infused with the essence of the band’s birthplace of New York City, though recorded all over the world, from New York to Los Angeles to London and Tokyo.

See you soon!

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