Thank You!

Thank you to every single one of you who lined up, showed up and hung out with us for Record Store Day! You really made it the greatest day – we have awesome customers! We hope you enjoyed the swag, the fun and, of course, the records!

We’ll have the remaining stock of Record Store Day releases on the eShop after we close today.

We also have some contest winners to announce! We’ve contacted all the winners so check your email if you see your name below!

Pam B. – Edifier e25 Bluetooth Speakers
Holly H. – Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Earbuds
Caleigh W. – Edifier W280BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Brodie B. – Edifier W280BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
George W. – Edifier W280BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Chris V. – Backbeat T-shirt
Kevin V. – Backbeat T-shirt
Justin W. – Backbeat T-shirt
Peter B. – Backbeat T-shirt
Kris S. – Backbeat T-shirt
Todd W. – Backbeat T-shirt
Owen N. – Backbeat T-shirt
Steve H. – Backbeat T-shirt
Jules V. – Backbeat T-shirt
David H. Backbeat T-shirt

Thanks again for coming out and supporting our small family run business. You helped make this day what it’s all about and we appreciate every one of you!

See you soon!

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