Local books

Local books

We just wanted to highlight a couple of local books that have recently come to our shop. Both are great choices for gift-giving, for tourists or for proud Perth residents.

The first book is Backwoods and Forwards, a biography by Michele Oksen about Willard J. Strong whose story begins in Maberly, Ontario:

In 1940, seventeen-year-old Willard J. Strong flees his family’s remote Northeastern Canadian farm. Driven by an adventurous spirit and steered by an internal code of conduct, he combats hunger, fights enemies, tackles education, fears failure, grieves loss, and gains determination. As he supports his young family Willard blazes a career path leading to the Aerospace Industry. He designs and develops FLIRS, Weapons Systems, Guided Missiles, Space Systems, and top secret equipment. All the while Willard travels the world, creates a Boy Scout campground, canoes down raging rivers, and races and breeds Thoroughbred horses. He is living life with gusto.

The second book is This Fair Town: Perth in Photographs by Ralph Willsey:

With its fine stone buildings, Perth has long captured the hearts of those who have walked its streets or enjoyed its tranquil parks, vibrant festivals, zest for food and music, and graceful river. For the first time, images of the town in all its seasons are assembled in a colourful souvenir book. “This Fair Town: Perth in Photographs” by long-time resident Ralph Willsey, celebrates the pleasures of Eastern Ontario’s resort landmark a Perth takes its place in the 21st century.